Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because of PN

Have you ever been very far away from home? ..Oh!!!!! I am very far away from home? Now I ‘ve been away from home almost 1 year….I do remember first arrived Uk How did I feel..Every thing is interesting and I was very excited ( that what I gonna do then after long flight)…I just told myself that “Ann !Please calm down).When I was in the airport (Gatwick) tried to find the way to the trainstation.During the time and so many time I took a small paper from my bag that was very important for me.. And I’d read it again and again to make sure that I could get to my destination safely.Even if I know it quite hard work for me .In this paper was e-mail which told me every thing to get get there….So firstly I took the train to London where is lots and lot of people (that I don’t know them) ...After that I had to take under ground to My destination . I couldn’t do the same thing that I normally did in Thailand ( that was sleeping on the bus or train) Even I was really tried.. Because of I needed to know where I was at that moment .Oh dear !!!I had to take one more train with my load of stuff…..From traveling nearly 24 hr , including cold weather …I almost cried ,but I didn’t .Because of the message from my paper….So I cut some past of them That It’s always stuck in my head and my mine.

“Dont worry about booking any tickets, as you can get them there.

Let me know what you want to do. You are more than welcome to stay, we don't have a spare room, but have an air bed we can put up for you in Rhiannon's room. I can give you spare keys and show you around the town after you have recovered from jet lag. and there is a park with animals a walk away. If you neeed to get to your homestay on 22nd (sunday) I can drop you at a station to get the train to brighton and explain all of that to you.

Here is my work email: ………………………………..

Take care and dont worry

Tara, Martin and Rhiannon xxx”

Finally I got her home with warm house and warm heart from three of them …I felt very very good.,I had slow life there. They cooked me Thai food,They brought me to see London at night .The day after they drove me to Cambridge ( such a nice place ).And lot of thing that Thay did for me .I am very really appreciate that. They are use to be our guest at PN. .If didn’t work at PN I don’t think I would meet them.Thank you PN indeed ,By the way Now I miss PN a lot ,I miss slow life in Thailand.
Actually I have a lot of thing want to write it down in here,but now I’ve got to bed coz I have to work tomorrow.Have a good night everybody(^_^)

P.s next time I will write about How nice when I worked at PN


Friday, September 18, 2009

Maechaem : my battery was fully charge here

What will you do when your battery of life is exhausted, you have no power to work or even to talk with anyone but with my duty I have to meet a lot of people so I went for a holiday to charge my battery.

My friend and I went to Chaingmai by bus then we transfer to Jomthong district by a small bus for 2 hours and took a truck (Song Thaew) for another 2 hours to our destination call Maechaem.

We stay there 3 days 2 nights, it's rainy season so all the mountain and the rice fields were all green. We rent motorcycle to go around the town and all the place we went is full with history and so pleasant. The people is so kind as you can touch in the country side of Thailand where people still pure.

In early morning we could see the fog on the hill, the air are pure and I breath in as the deepest as I could. In the late morning and afternoon we visited a lot of beautiful temple with hundred years of history. In the evening we went to had a massage then dinner with Mae Kumpor home stay and I request my favorite dish which was so nice.

Now I'm back to work with full battery, but I have plan for my next journey, not for fulfill my battery but for learning the others experience.

Nuu :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Ponyo" on the cliff by the sea

Gibli's animation always give me an inspiration and imagination and I love all Gibli animation because it's talk about the environmental problem in the way of telling the children to love and live with the nature.

Ponyo (Po-nyo) is the new animation from Gibli, the story about a 5-year old Sozuke and a beautiful goldfish "Ponyo" the daughter of a masterful wizard and a sea goddess, Ponyo quickly falls in love with Sosuke, so she uses her father's magic to transform herself into a human but the use of powerful sorcery causes a dangerous imbalance in the world. As the moon steadily draws nearer to the earth, the two children embark on an adventure of a lifetime to save the world and fulfill Ponyo's dreams of becoming human.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't believe in 10-20 Baht trip around BKK by Tuk Tuk

Do you know why some people cheat to the other?

Whatever the reason is, I think it's not fair. We might poorer than someone else but it doesn't mean that the richer have to pay something more than it should be.

Many tourist get cheat by the shop which they was brough there by Tuk Tuk, well Tuk Tuk driver get money from the shop just to take the tourist to there, but if you buy their product the price is double from it should be. They're really good at push people to make a suddenly dicision and if you don't have time to think over, you will make a wrong dicision and they will get too much profit by cheating other.
Don't get me wrong, not every Tuk Tuk driver or every shop are that bad. I just want to tell you that DON'T go with the Tuk Tuk who said they will take you around Bangkok for the price just 10-20 Baht, it's TOO CHEAP!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Partnership is always the key to drive the success for everything from family to career, here is the story I want to share with you.

Few days ago I was sitting in the taxi on my way to the meeting, the taxi driver was given the map of the destination and we discussed whether we should take the toll way since the traffic was pretty bad, he noticed that my thai wasn't fluent so he started to communicate with me in english. I was suprised as taxi drivers normally can't speak english in Thailand (even they do it's still not a proper english), so we started to have chat. He used to work for a thai ambassodor in New York for 4 years, at first he couldn't even speak a single english word. later on he was given a chance to study in a language school during the weekend, in 6 months he could communicate fluently in english. He told me during these years he didn't only learn english but also a service mind, he realized how frightening it can be when you come to an unfamiliar place where you can't speak their language & worst than that you got cheated by the people. A small amount of taxi drivers surely ruined the reputation of the whole industry with their greed, I am always skeptical & cautious about that as they can't give me any confidence, therefore I always pretend as a thai while sitting in the taxi ( how? I do speak some Thai so if we don't talk much to eachother, they wouldn't know where i come from). This taxi driver truly understand the needs of foreigners as he was happened to be one of them, before I dropped off we exchanged contacts and I told him that we will use his service as long as he is available. Everyday we have guests going to the airport and we need a reliable partner to ensure a safe and pleasent journey. Our partnership begins here.
Have a slow life!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Attn to beef lovers: Ko-Khun Beef

The beef you are going to eat here are delievered directly from their own farm in Pong Yang kham (Eastern part of Thailand). The most expensive part is the fillet: 200THB per plate which is nothing if you are from the 1st world country, with this budget you can barely afford to buy a baguette or 2 shots of expresso in Paris. I gurantee you will fall in love with it once you have the first bite; soft, tender, & rich in beef flavour. Other than fillet you can find almost every part such as tenterloin, sirloin, inner thigh & many others. Actually they serve eastern thai food so you will also find a wide range of spicy dishes such as cow intestine soup, papaya salad (very spicy), sticky rice, liver salad... you can have 2 ways to cook your beef: hot pot or hot pan, both are come with the hot charcoal pot. The place is not so comfortable but usual in thailand (open air is ok, but you are facing the hot pan with the burning charcoal), this discomfort can be compensated by a bottle of cold beer (with ice, that's thai way) and you don't need to worry about your pocket as the food is so cheap, cost you around 1000THB for 2 persons (assumming you are a "meat" person)
The restaurant is not nearby the town centre but yet not too far, if you are happened to be in PN and would like give a try just let me know as I may join you for the feast :)
Have a slow life!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funniest MV on earth

I think it's very funny.......
Reason 1: they didn't wear trainers while working out (that's dangerous)
Reason 2: The song is called "Hold my tears while saying goodbye" but the MV has nothing related to the lyric

I can't hold my tears while watching these guys, that's so silly and has absolutely nothing to do with PN. What I need is to have a laugh, why so serious?

have a slow life! Donald :)